Activities and services

Two-seater kayaks available for rent, 20€ / ride

Scenic cruises on a pleasure boat, 90€ / ride

Fishing trips, guided ice-fishing trip 10€ / person

Independent fishing trips, fishing permits available at the farm, equipment from Kala Make

Snowshoes available for rent 5€ / day / pair

Hiking routes, along quiet forest roads on the farmland, roughly 5 km per route

Blackcurrant and greencurrants can be picked in the organic fields during the season for a fee

Berry and mushroom picking in the forest

Rowing boats freely available for use

Outboard motor available for rent, 15€ / day or 80€ / week

Christmas tree from the tree farm for the festive season

Roughly 15 km cross-country skiing route near the rental cabins, weather booking

Visiting the farm, at a scheduled time

Taikuri Luttinen
Seasoned professional

Magician Luttinen

Multiple times chosen as best in Finland, crowned as entertainment master, Magician Luttinen presents a magic show you can't forget, with a splash of stand-up comedy. Close-up magic tricks for smaller groups, or Standup Magic Show for bigger groups.

Music for YOUR party

Konsta Hietanen

Konsta Hietanen has toured hard in our land for the past five years. Previously a soccer player, an actor and a Tenava star, he now does music gigs for occassions of all sorts and sizes. Music from the 50s all the way to modern day, in Finnish and English, and sometimes even other languages. The band rocks best at corporate parties, but weddings, night clubs and any other parties work too if you want to make it unforgettable.

The band performs rock, bops, rap, latino, old school and ballads — with devotion. Kings of Leon, Cheek, Apulanta, David Guetta, Kaija Koo, Elvis, Badding, Muse, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Elastinen etc. melt perfectly into any dinner and party.

Konsta Hietanen